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    Eileen Capstick Says:

    I believe that the McCann’s over dosed little Madeline, but they have not been truthful about all this, and have used the public to gain incredible amount of cash. I think that they should come clean, because this life is temporal, and they will be answerable to God in the end. There is a Heaven and a Hell, we continue to live, but where will they spend their eternity, if there is any fear in God, they should repent and come clean!

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    TheTruth Says:

    i have also seen many interviews of the McCann’s many on youtube and i can definitely point out each time they speak about Madeleine in the past tense, which is very strange considering Madeleine is suppose to be abducted by an evil pedophile ring? I do think what happened on the 3rd of may 2007 Madeleine was already dead and both KM and GK tried to cover it up?

    I’m a Psychologist by profession and i can see by their reactions that these parents have psychological problems?

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    Gena Says:

    I believe the way the McCanns go on about their Catholicism is a farce. A lady is doing a family tree of both names and apparently the month or two the McCanns and 40+ of them went to Donegal in Ireland and yet Madeleine seemed bigger than on their PDL holiday. Apparently there were Mccannns running a pub there but no trace on family trees which is weird as such a big family, I’d assume other branches of the family tree would be researching out of curiosity. I know I would

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    philip charles Says:

    if their story dose not make sense then its not true.!

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    joan jarvis Says:

    you know you did it Gerry, you where recognised by your funny walk. may you both rot in hell.

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    Isobel Seymour Says:

    I have said this from the morning the news hit the TVs. As a mother I couldn’t get it into my psyche that the McCanns could leave tiny children alone in an apartment for even 10 minutes. A child can be sleeping soundly one minute and screaming with a nightmare the next. Then I saw HER on TV and she wasn’t a mother who didn’t know where her child was. She wasn’t frantic and sobbing. She wouldn’t have been able to sit still. She would have thought every minute she should be doing something else, be somewhere else, and that would have been wrong. She would have been like an ant on coals
    When I heard they were doctors I knew immediately what had happened! They had drugged her to keep her asleep. Madeleine had asked why nobody came when she cried and they gave her a stronger dose. End of wee Maddie.
    When I told my friends they couldn’t believe I was so unfeeling because I’m usually the kindest person in the World. But I know when I see a mother lying about her child. My husband lost my middle child, then 4 at a fun fair for almost 2 hours. I heard about it when she was home safe and I cried for days off and on feeling what my child must have felt like being lost. I hugged and cuddled her until she was fed up. I still get nightmares about the “What if …..” and I’m 62 now.
    AND …. they left their twins to go and see the Pope in Italy shortly after Madeleine disappeared. Those children would have been velcroed to my hips. Not even God himself could have separated them from me and he wouldn’t have expected it!! Think I’ll stop or I could rant on and on. Those parents drugged their child to death. End of. I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life.

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    Truth Says:

    Make no mistake, the evidence; the dodgy, cropped black and white photos provided by Gerry McCann and his relative’s photo-shopping and photography interest

    – the numerous contradictions concerning Madeleine after the Sunday of that week.

    – the changing stories by the McCanns across the board, mainly the angle of the doors in the apartment and the vague provision of witness by Gerry.

    – the McCann’s dodgy affiliations with the mainstream media.

    – The vague witness accounts that often contradict one another after Sunday. There is no substantiated evidence Madeleine was alive after Sunday, the photos provided ‘The Last Photo’ purports to be on the Thursday, but it’s likely the metadata was edited, the weather and the sweaty brow of Gerry, the sunhats of Madeleine and her sibling in the photo also do not correlate with the broadcast weather for that day, which was 19 degrees Celsius and mostly cloudy, the Sunday was sunny and 21 degrees Celcius!

    – Isn’t it odd that Gerry didn’t have ANY MORE photos of Madeleine from the week, and didn’t provide the photos as soon as possible after the alert of their missing daughter – also, the rest he provided were black and white, an obvious HUGE RED HERRING decoy to obfuscate and confuse the reality that Madeleine was already long dead on the Sunday, there were no more photos of her in the week of course! All because they needed to time in the week to organise hiding the body, and fabricating evidence to make their escape possible on the Thursday.

    – The blatant stench of death detected by the police dogs in the car and the apartment.

    – The strangely sterilized clothing, they couldn’t find ANY of Madeleine’s DNA in the apartment! Gerry had to go back to England to get some DNA, prolonging the search!

    – the odd signatures of the Crèches on the days up to the Thursday implicating Kate signing in and out despite Madeleine not being witnessed present (made worse by the McCann’s friendship with Catriona Baker, the nanny that worked at Madeleine’s Crèche – who dubiously claims she doesn’t remember much from that week), Madeleine’s collections signature being signed ten minutes after the twins’ signatures from the closer Crèche (which is illogical)

    – The McCann’s entering and exiting the apartment by different doors so not to be seen together without Madeleine.

    – the claim that they ate INSIDE their apartment on the gray-zone days (Monday-Thursday) where Madeleine was dead, despite the all-inclusive offer of a meal at the provided restaurants! Another red herring that helps to paint the picture that they couldn’t be seen in public without Madeleine. They claim to have had tea on the Thursday but their is no substantiated evidence that shows this to be true, the chef and workers there did NOT claim to see Madeleine.

    – All evidence points towards manslaughter on the Sunday night, likely the McCann’s friendship with an anaesthetist gave them the lucrative initiative to use sedatives to send Madeleine to sleep so they could get drunk and stay up late at the Tapas bar, the effects tragically backfired. Thus, killing Madeleine, and of course they did not want to endure the lengthy sentence of charges concerning neglecting a minor and manslaughter, a simple claim that it was an ‘abductor’ seems more genuine, even though this abductor didn’t take ALL THREE OF THE CHILDREN, only Madeleine, how odd. It would make sense to take all three if you’re willing to risk taking a child at a resort where parents are USUALLY MORE protective of their children.

    We also know that they DID NOT CHECK on Madeleine for at least 90 minutes, despite them claiming to go back every 30 mins, as the corpse odours detected by the dogs indicate a corpse lain in the apartment for at least 90 minutes or more. Then of course, the rent-a-car was obviously used to transport the body from a drop-off location to somewhere else, the McCanns were trying to not implicate themselves by doing this.

    – And, of course all the evidence provided by this website, especially the strange rejections of the lie detector test by the McCanns, the refusal of Kate to answer something like 42 simple questions – there’s a motive, a window of opportunity – it’s all there, this is easily manslaughter beyond probable doubt.

    If you’re reading this Kate or Gerry McCann, you’re probably going to be damned unless you own up. But of course, you are too far in the quagmire to turn back, looks like you either serve your time in this life, or pay for it in the next. Your choice.

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    Patricia Says:

    Please see this link, very interesting:


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    Chas Tidswell Says:

    Glad to have finally read the book in English.
    I believe the account by Goncalo Amarai totally.
    Have watched the TV footage many times of the McCann’s and their body language never stacks up, which this book confirms.
    I hope one day that the real truth will appear for the sake of Madeleine’s memory and that Goncalo will shown as justified in writing this book.
    I wish him all the best.

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    Mo Says:

    I am sure that if the parents ever go to court accused of negligence and hiding or destroying evidence, the jury is not going to have a problem finding them guilty.
    I admit that in the ten years that have passed i was never interested in checking the evidence available to the public, only recently when the subject come again in the news and i read the public comments, which show that the great majority is convinced the parents are guilty, was i curious enough to do some research. I was very surprised I couldn’t find Amaral’s book anywhere in the major UK book sellers, Amazon, ebay, etc. I do a great deal of reading, and until now i had no problem acquiring any book, even controversial ones for research, boy, was I surprised that in a contry so evolved like the UK in human rights i could for instance buy ” mein kampf” but couldn’t get hold of Amaral’s book! Nothing like reverse psychology, the more you try to hide something the more it keeps popping out!
    We are all sure that every single comment posted hereor other media about the matter is being checked by the authorities.
    They could have gotten away with it if they weren’t so adamant in insisting the bedroom windows were locked and that they,followed the longest route to protect themselves of being accused of negligente. It was bad enough being accused of leaving the children by themselves but also being accused of leaving the properties unsecured was another level they couldn’t risk.
    Being accused of something that they,as healthcare professionals are in the front line to report, negligence towards minors, would be the end of their careers.
    They must remenber, and for what i saw they are believers in the power of God, if such injustice is happening they cannot have God’s favor before coming clean, of their sins. Any human is in better condition and in the favor of God, if he repents and suffers the consequences of their actions than if they keep lying for the rest of their lives.
    On the account of king David mentioned in the book, he committed a terrible sin, he was responsible for the death of Uriah,Bathsheba’s husband, even if he reppented and confessed to Nathan the profet, God forgave him, of course he suffered the consequences, his first child, the fruit of his adulterous relationship with Bathsheba, died.
    Even despite the punishment, David’s repentance allowed him favor with God, when he died he was buried with the Good kings, the faithful ones.
    Sorry for the long post.
    Whatever it means for the parents of that beautiful girl, i hope they get closure, and they’re anguish and suffering is relieved by whatever the truth is.

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    Absence of Reason Says:

    If something doesn’t make sense, it’s probably because information is being withheld. And boy, do the McCanns not make sense. Not from the very start.

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    Michelle Says:

    For being a mam and dad they are a disgrace wasting police time for a start the evil bastards

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    jim adams Says:

    They are so clearly bloody guilty and i don’t understand why they are being so protected?

    Gerry disposed of poor Madeline for sure and the pair will pay for their evilness, the pair of self centered twisted jumped up EVIL EVIL sick and disturbed pair of scum will have their comeuppance!!!

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    Suspicious Says:

    Just my opinion but there are too many suspicious events not least of all: WHO LEAVES THEIR CHILDREN ALONE IN ANOTHER COUNTRY TO GO OUT FOR A MEAL?!! I wouldn’t do that at home, let alone abroad. I know my local area better than anywhere and know whether the area is relatively safe but I still wouldn’t do that!!!

    So you’re saying a child was there, no doubt playing as children do, but didn’t leave a trace of dna?! Really?!

    I think everyone knows who did this. It’s just a shame it cannot be proven. I take great satisfaction in knowing that you are stressed from the fear of being caught and have been for years. Long may the investigation continue!!!

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    Joan Walker Says:

    I agree with all of this.

    Who knows? Hopefully the truth will come out eventually.

    First words, THEY’ve taken her????

    If your child had gone from the room, you’d go looking for the child and involve everyone in sight for hours to try to find the child, this did not happen, why?

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