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[27 Jul 2008 | No Comment | 1,117 views]

By Lori Campbell, sundaymirror.co.uk 27/07/2008
Portuguese police knocked on just 443 doors in the failed hunt for missing Madeleine McCann.
Their investigation was last night branded “pathetic” by her parents Kate and Gerry, who are furious police did not do more to find their daughter.
There are 7,000 homes in Praia da Luz, the resort where four-year-old Madeleine was snatched – but police went to fewer than one in 10 doors, says a report into the investigation.
In stark contrast, British police probing the disappearance of Shannon Matthews earlier this year knocked on …

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[24 Jul 2008 | No Comment | 2,535 views]

“The investigation was syndicated”
Gonçalo Amaral laments that “the investigation was syndicated”. In the first interview during which he speaks about the process, he defends that Maddie died at the Ocean Club. The book is launched in Lisbon today and promises to launch the controversy again.
Correio da Manhã – As the case investigator, what is your thesis?
Gonçalo Amaral – The little girl died in the apartment. Everything is in the book, which is faithful to the investigation until September: it reflects the understanding of the Portuguese and the English …

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[23 Jul 2008 | 19 Comments | 45,664 views]
“Madeleine died in the apartment”

On the third or fourth night in Mallorca, after dinner, eating and drinking, while sitting around a table on the patio outside the house, K.G. watches a scene that makes her fear for her daughter’s wellbeing, and that of the other children. She was sitting between Gerry McCann and David Payne, when she heard the latter ask whether she, maybe referring to Madeleine, would do ‘this’, then starting to suck on one of his fingers, which he pushed in and out of his mouth, insinuating a phallic object, while at the same time, with the fingers of his other hand, he traced circles around his nipple, in a provocative and sexual manner.

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[21 Jul 2008 | No Comment | 1,288 views]

‘We welcome the announcement from the Portuguese Attorney General today, although it is no cause for celebration. It is hard to describe how utterly despairing it was to be named ‘arguidos’ and subsequently portrayed in the media as suspects in our own daughter’s abduction- and worse. It has been equally devastating to witness the detrimental effect this status has had on the search for Madeleine.
We look forward to scrutinising the police files to see what has ACTUALLY been done and, more importantly, what can still be done, as we leave …

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[19 Jul 2008 | No Comment | 1,916 views]

19 Julho 2008 – 22h00
Depoimentos: Médicos amigos dos McCann falaram à polícia inglesa
Payne suspeito de pedofilia
Dave Payne, um dos amigos dos McCann que se encontravam de férias no Algarve a 3 de Maio do ano passado, quando Madeleine desapareceu, foi suspeito de comportamentos pedófilos.
As acusações foram lançadas por um casal de amigos que passaram férias com parte do grupo noVerão de 2005 – também eles médicos ingleses. Doze dias depois de a menina britânica desaparecer, Katherina e Arul não conseguiam mais guardar um segredo que durante dois anos os incomodara …

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[17 Jul 2008 | No Comment | 1,350 views]

By Michael Holden, LONDON (Reuters)  17/07/2008  18:07
A suspect in the disappearance of schoolgirl Madeleine McCann in Portugal last year won 600,000 pounds in libel damages on Thursday for “the utter destruction” of his life.
The 10 newspapers involved in the case had accused Robert Murat, who lived in the same resort where McCann vanished last May sparking an international search, of being involved in the girl’s disappearance.
Although he was questioned by Portuguese police soon after Madeleine McCann went missing from her parent’s holiday apartment in the resort of Praia da Luz …

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[17 Jul 2008 | No Comment | 950 views]

Portugal’s top law chief yesterday said he will announce a “solution” to the Madeleine McCann case on Monday.
It could clear parents Kate and Gerry of involvement in her disappearance.
Prosecutors have reviewed the final police report into what happened to five-year-old Madeleine after she disappeared from a rented holiday apartment in Praia da Luz last May. The 426-day police investigation ended two weeks ago.
Detectives are thought to have found nothing linking the couple to Madeleine’s death or abduction.
Now Pinto Monteiro will disclose whether he is bringing charges or closing the case. …

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[10 Jul 2008 | No Comment | 1,017 views]

We have recently managed to have a break visiting family. Sean and Amelie have had a brilliant time and it has been great for me to spend so much time with them. Although this has been a relaxing break, it has been incredibly difficult for Kate and me to have been on holiday without Madeleine- it is all too apparent what is missing.
We were very pleased to learn today that the written declaration calling for the introduction of an EU wide Amber alert system has been successful. More than half …

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[7 Jul 2008 | No Comment | 2,832 views]

Judgement of Mrs Justice Hogg at the High Court, Family Division, RCJ, London,
7th July 2008, in open court
Madeleine went missing on 3 May 2007 just a few days before her 4th birthday, while she was holidaying with her family in the Algarve in Portugal.
On 17 May 2007 Madeleine’s parents invoked the jurisdiction of this Court under the Inherent Jurisdiction of the Court, and The Child Abduction and Custody Act, and the Hague Convention. They sought various orders and directions aimed at ascertaining the whereabouts and recovery of Madeleine. I became …

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[25 Jun 2008 | No Comment | 1,289 views]

Published: Wednesday, 25th June, 2008 12:00
A charity boss from West Kilbride has been suspended over a sick joke about Madeleine McCann.
Senior manager Lynn McBain was suspended earlier this month after referring in a staff newsletter to the 4-year-old girl who went missing from Praia da Luz in Portugal over a year ago.
Some readers were left shocked after she joked that “McCann oven chips” had disappeared from her oven after she left them there for 20 minutes.
The 10-page booklet for Enable Scotland – who campaign for a better life for children …