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[23 Jul 2008 | No Comment | 28,545 views]

Greetings Gentle John and all Members of this Forum
Not wishing to appear unfriendly, the author thought that a visit here might be opportune. Whether to stay? Well, he’ll have to see what the reception is like.
Yours – author

It seems that the very first public domain reference to Chaplins was posted by dumbfound at 11.49 am, Tuesday, 24 July 2007 on the Daily Express “HAVE YOUR SAY” User Comment Thread. Certainly, that was when the author first saw it mentioned. As the …

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[19 Jul 2008 | No Comment | 15,481 views]
Payne suspected of paedophilia

Source: Correio da Manhã 19.07.2008, paper edition. Translations by forum posters Kazlux and Astro (here)
Depositions – Doctor friends of the McCanns spoke to the English police
Payne suspected of paedophilia
Twelve days after Maddie disappeared, a couple revealed the strange behaviour of one of the group’s members. Testimonies only reached the Judiciária in January this year
David Payne, one of the McCanns’ friends that were on holidays in the Algarve on the 3rd of May last year, when Madeleine disappeared, was suspected of paedophile behaviours.
The accusations were brought by a couple of friends …

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[8 May 2008 | No Comment | 1,591 views]

By TheTapas10, May 8, 2008
Gerry McCann works at Glenfield Hospital, Leicester as a cardiologist. He is reported as earning £75,000 a year.
For readers outside of the UK who do not understand the British Health System, known as the National Health Service, it is a service funded by the British taxpayer. In effect, the doctors and nurses are civil servants.
Look at the 1MB PDF download on the official FindMadeleine website. This is a PowerPoint Presentation for their trip to Brussels. Here is the link:

If you load this PDF file and look …

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[5 May 2008 | No Comment | 1,212 views]

By TheTapas10, May 5, 2008
Gerry McCann and wife Kate McCann at the church service in Leicestershire on May 3, 2008. Kate clutching flowers and looking reasonably well dressed.
Gerry on the other hand, looks like he’s ready to do a spot of DIY.
At the service of remembrance for missing daughter Madeleine, Gerry chooses to wear blue jeans, trainers and a scruffy sport jacket.
What an absolute disgrace!

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[4 May 2008 | No Comment | 1,307 views]

domingo 4 de mayo de 2008
The criminal Complaint against the Portuguese police
European Court of Human Rights
Council of Europe
Strasbourg, France
This Court has jurisdiction to act upon this matter pursuant to Article 34 and 13 of the European Convention on Human Rights and Rules of the Court numbers 45 and 47.
I. The Parties
A. The Applicant
1. Full name:
2. Sex:
3. Nationality:
4. Date and country of birth:
5. Current address:
6. Telephone number:
7. Electronic mail address:
8. Occupation or profession:
9. Name of your representative: (if you have one)
10. Current address of your representative: (if there is one)
11. Telephone …

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[30 Apr 2008 | No Comment | 919 views]

From an Internet poster on the Three Arguidos Forum
I’m addressing this to you, Mr. Loach, or Ken, if you don’t mind for ease of typing. I have always been a fan of your films, and the way you portray the nitty gritty of working class life.
As a lass from the council estate who’s ‘done good’ I can sort of see that your daughter could have a similar view on life. Equally she could think she’s above that and have swallowed the ‘meedja’ view on life wholesale.
Tonight I watched a ‘documentary’ …

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[30 Apr 2008 | No Comment | 971 views]

An Internet Forum poster’s prayer:
“Oh Lord give me strength as I watch
Tonight’s McCann documentary.
May I not give myself over to anger,
Nor throw heavy objects at the TV set.
Neither may I scream in outrage
So as to annoy the neighbours.
In all manner of things may you give me peace,
That I may better analyse the deceptions
And the obfuscations and the downright lies.
Lord preserve me from the pink-shirted one
That I may never use the word ludicrous
Nor unhelpful, nor hurtful.
So Lord, give your blessing on all our endeavours
That we may see justice prevail
And Fiona Phillips …

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[29 Apr 2008 | No Comment | 2,135 views]

In an article published last Sunday by Aníbal Malvar in El Mundo:
Malvar quotes a conversation between the inspectors João Tavares describing the virtues of “improvisation” of the “Portuguese cops” to Francisco Meireles, a conversation the journalist affirms he heard and met on the 23rd of April of 2008, ’23 de abril de 2008. El periodista aparca el coche en el mismo lugar donde Tavares y Meireles esperaban’ [The Journalist parks the car in the same place where Tavares and Meireles waited for him] – this is odd, and the …

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[28 Apr 2008 | No Comment | 1,838 views]

By tararabumdeay in The Three Arguidos (link)
The letter to the Telegraaf?
Blog inaneness?
The ‘Tiny Tears’ comment?
The ‘saved a man on the plane’ story?
The ‘stolen wallet’ story?
Ignore sightings one way, and head the opposite to raise awareness?
Did bundleman suddenly gain a child with pink jammies?
Go to Huelva when everything was shut?
Drive hundreds of unexplained miles?
Didn’t the twins wake when everyone rampaged through the apartment?
Did they turn the cleaner away on the 3rd May?
Were there no Madeleine, Sean, Amelie fingerprints in 5A?
Did the blue sports bag go missing?
Did they have several different buggies?
Does …

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[17 Feb 2008 | No Comment | 882 views]

Article kindly provided from Joana Morais here.
The President of the Junta de Andalucía met the Cortés family this weekend to show his support and his hopes for Mari Luz’s safe return.
The Cortés family say they are against a poster campaign launched in Spain by the McCann family which shows images of four year old Madeleine alongside their daughter, Mari Luz, who disappeared in Huelva on 13th January, and others pictured with Yeremi Vargas, who was seven when he disappeared from Gran Canaria last year.
Mari Luz’s father, Juan José Cortés, said …