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[10 Dec 2008 | One Comment | 3,965 views]
The Car Hired 5 Weeks After Madeleine’s Disappearance

“…but some of the, some of the stuff that’s being speculated on just isn’t plausible. Like information appearing about samples in a car which Gerry and Kate only got 5 weeks after Madeleine disappeared. Are you trying to tell me that Madeleine was hidden for 5 weeks and then was suddenly reappeared in this hire car. It…does not make sense.”

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[19 Jul 2008 | No Comment | 15,481 views]
Payne suspected of paedophilia

Source: Correio da Manhã 19.07.2008, paper edition. Translations by forum posters Kazlux and Astro (here)
Depositions – Doctor friends of the McCanns spoke to the English police
Payne suspected of paedophilia
Twelve days after Maddie disappeared, a couple revealed the strange behaviour of one of the group’s members. Testimonies only reached the Judiciária in January this year
David Payne, one of the McCanns’ friends that were on holidays in the Algarve on the 3rd of May last year, when Madeleine disappeared, was suspected of paedophile behaviours.
The accusations were brought by a couple of friends …

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[19 Jul 2008 | No Comment | 2,197 views]
British police failed to stop DNA evidence in McCann case from being made public

British police officers were yesterday accused of trying to stop DNA information allegedly linked to Kate and Gerry McCann’s hire car from being made public.

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[7 Jul 2008 | No Comment | 2,640 views]

Judgement of Mrs Justice Hogg at the High Court, Family Division, RCJ, London,
7th July 2008, in open court
Madeleine went missing on 3 May 2007 just a few days before her 4th birthday, while she was holidaying with her family in the Algarve in Portugal.
On 17 May 2007 Madeleine’s parents invoked the jurisdiction of this Court under the Inherent Jurisdiction of the Court, and The Child Abduction and Custody Act, and the Hague Convention. They sought various orders and directions aimed at ascertaining the whereabouts and recovery of Madeleine. I became …