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Less than two weeks after Madeleine McCann disappeared, the family and friends of the McCann family set up a company called Madeleine’s Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited. Without properly setting clear objectives and policies from the start, the company was set to become the vehicle for the “official” find Madeleine campaign—whatever that actually meant.

It has become a typically British thing to have financial campaigns to assist people in well publicised times of need. Usually there is no specific company set up to do this. In this respect, the “Madeleine Fund” seemed far too sophisticated and if anything it appears to have been premeditated.

British banks are past masters of setting up and administering bank accounts for needy causes and tend to do so without intervention by outsiders. What made the Madeleine Fund and subsequent campaign so distasteful to many is that little of the money has been used for its stated purpose.

Madeleine’s Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited is a type of company called a “Private Company Limited by Guarantee”. A company limited by guarantee is an alternative type of incorporation used primarily for non-profit organisations that require corporate status. A guarantee company does not have a share capital, but has members who are guarantors instead of shareholders. The guarantors give an undertaking to contribute a nominal amount towards the winding up of the company in the event of a shortfall upon cessation of business. It cannot distribute its profits to its members, and is therefore eligible to apply for charitable status if necessary.

The company has several family members on its board of directors and this and many other factors have helped to fuel rumours about the integrity of the management and disbursement of the donated money.

Our sister site “TRUTH For Madeleine” tried to contact the company for an update on its performance. Bates Wells & Braithwaite referred us to the Fund and stated that they couldn’t answer our questions due to confidentiality.

John McCann spoke briefly to us on the phone until he realised we were asking about the Fund. His response was to claim we had the wrong telephone number and that he was in fact a “Mr Jones”. This was interesting as he must in the extremely rare group of Scotsmen with a Welsh name!

A lot of donors to the fund would like to have actually seen some real stones turned over by the McCanns in the search for Madeleine. Instead, there has been no publication of the company performance or regular updates as to what actions have been taken in the so-called “search for Madeleine”.

If Madeleine died in May 2007 and the family knew about this then the whole fund is a fraud!

Serious Questions That Need to be Answered

  • Madeleine was a ward of court when the fund was being set up. Why? Kate McCann refused to answer this most basic question along with 47 others when she was pulled in by the police prior to being given Arguida status.
  • Madeleine’s medical records were withheld from the investigating police force in Portugal. Why? What was there to hide?
  • Gerry and Kate McCann destroyed crucial mobile phone evidence on at least May 2nd and May 3rd, 2007. They did not offer any explanation why or who’s numbers they destroyed.
  • The McCanns said they would return to Portugal if they had to. The police wanted them to return to do a reconstruction of the night of May 3, 2007. The McCanns refused to go. This was after they told donors they would cooperate fully with the police.
  • 15 out of 19 genetic markers of Madeleine McCann were found in the boot of the car hired by the McCanns. Cadaver and blood dogs detected the scent of death in the vehicle. The McCanns have no rational explanation for this.
  • During the time the McCanns were named as Arguidos, they hid behind that status as a way to refuse to talk to the media. Since that status was removed, the McCanns have not come forward to answer any damning questions about the events in April and May 2007 at the Ocean Club Resort where they stayed. Why?
  • After contacting the company – Madeleine’s Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited – several times in the past year, they have steadfastly fobbed us off and refused to give the any answers to questions about the fund. What have they got to hide?
  • After fleeing back to England from Portugal, the McCanns told everyone they would take a lie detector test. Shortly after this they recanted that offer and said they would not now take a lie detector test.
  • Captured on film when they didn’t know the camera was still rolling, the McCanns have found this whole situation to be a big giggle. Gerry McCann even sat sucking a lollipop and joked while the police were waiting to hear from a possible kidnapper early on in the investigation.

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    smith Says:

    Having read extracts of the book and reading the accounts of the portugese detectives i have nothing but admiration and support. All the evidence pointed to the parents being guilty, perhaps not of murder but maybe accidental death or manslaughter. It does seem astonishing there was some sort of political involvement from the British government and higher forces. Perhaps if the general public were given the message that two educated doctors killed their own child would not go down to well. Why has this book been banned in Britain where is the freedom of speech. The British government and press always tried to convey they were totally innocent and the portugal police forces were some how incompetent which is far from the truth. If we can purchase and english version of the book from the internet please send details.

  2. 2
    Charlene Says:

    Is there anyway we can set up a fund to help Goncalo fight this case??? I have never donated to anything but this I would Defo love to help and I’m sure others would too. Please can someone email me

  3. 3
    Frances Says:

    You will find a link to the Amaral fund on this site Charlenehttps://www.facebook.com/groups/jkjoannekilcoyne/

  4. 4
    Heribert Genreith Says:

    well made site. I maintain a Wiki on the Maddie Case “Just Five hours in May” (genreith.de/MMcC). Please have a look and you may please contact me by email.

    Thanks and good luck, Heribert, Germany.

  5. 5
    Simpson Says:

    Make no mistake, the evidence; the dodgy, cropped black and white photos provided by Gerry McCann and his relative’s photo-shopping and photography interest

    – the numerous contradictions concerning Madeleine after the Sunday of that week.

    – the changing stories by the McCanns across the board, mainly the angle of the doors in the apartment and the vague provision of witness by Gerry.

    – the McCann’s dodgy affiliations with the mainstream media.

    – The vague witness accounts that often contradict one another after Sunday. There is no substantiated evidence Madeleine was alive after Sunday, the photos provided ‘The Last Photo’ purports to be on the Thursday, but it’s likely the metadata was edited, the weather and the sweaty brow of Gerry, the sunhats of Madeleine and her sibling in the photo also do not correlate with the broadcast weather for that day, which was 19 degrees Celsius and mostly cloudy, the Sunday was sunny and 21 degrees Celcius!

    – Isn’t it odd that Gerry didn’t have ANY MORE photos of Madeleine from the week, and didn’t provide the photos as soon as possible after the alert of their missing daughter – also, the rest he provided were black and white, an obvious HUGE RED HERRING decoy to obfuscate and confuse the reality that Madeleine was already long dead on the Sunday, there were no more photos of her in the week of course! All because they needed to time in the week to organise hiding the body, and fabricating evidence to make their escape possible on the Thursday.

    – The blatant stench of death detected by the police dogs in the car and the apartment.

    – The strangely sterilized clothing, they couldn’t find ANY of Madeleine’s DNA in the apartment! Gerry had to go back to England to get some DNA, prolonging the search!

    – the odd signatures of the Crèches on the days up to the Thursday implicating Kate signing in and out despite Madeleine not being witnessed present (made worse by the McCann’s friendship with Catriona Baker, the nanny that worked at Madeleine’s Crèche – who dubiously claims she doesn’t remember much from that week), Madeleine’s collections signature being signed ten minutes after the twins’ signatures from the closer Crèche (which is illogical)

    – The McCann’s entering and exiting the apartment by different doors so not to be seen together without Madeleine.

    – the claim that they ate INSIDE their apartment on the gray-zone days (Monday-Thursday) where Madeleine was dead, despite the all-inclusive offer of a meal at the provided restaurants! Another red herring that helps to paint the picture that they couldn’t be seen in public without Madeleine. They claim to have had tea on the Thursday but their is no substantiated evidence that shows this to be true, the chef and workers there did NOT claim to see Madeleine.

    – All evidence points towards manslaughter on the Sunday night, likely the McCann’s friendship with an anaesthetist gave them the lucrative initiative to use sedatives to send Madeleine to sleep so they could get drunk and stay up late at the Tapas bar, the effects tragically backfired. Thus, killing Madeleine, and of course they did not want to endure the lengthy sentence of charges concerning neglecting a minor and manslaughter, a simple claim that it was an ‘abductor’ seems more genuine, even though this abductor didn’t take ALL THREE OF THE CHILDREN, only Madeleine, how odd. It would make sense to take all three if you’re willing to risk taking a child at a resort where parents are USUALLY MORE protective of their children.

    We also know that they DID NOT CHECK on Madeleine for at least 90 minutes, despite them claiming to go back every 30 mins, as the corpse odours detected by the dogs indicate a corpse lain in the apartment for at least 90 minutes or more. Then of course, the rent-a-car was obviously used to transport the body from a drop-off location to somewhere else, the McCanns were trying to not implicate themselves by doing this.

    – And, of course all the evidence provided by this website, especially the strange rejections of the lie detector test by the McCanns, the refusal of Kate to answer something like 42 simple questions – there’s a motive, a window of opportunity – it’s all there, this is easily manslaughter beyond probable doubt.

  6. 6
    Anthony Squire Says:

    Please will someone tell me about the missing blue bag. I cannot find out any information about this.
    Also, all this mention of Calpol makes no sense. Calpol is taken when a child’s temperature is high. It has no antihistamine present so will not ain’t as a sedative.
    Thank you

  7. 7
    Gabriel Davies Says:

    Just came across the documentary – the police investigation and reconstruction were very thorough and corroborated by a statement analysis on YouTube by Pete Hyatt and Richard D Hall. However, there is not much on the possible movements of the man carrying a child on Rua 25 de Abril in Luz. Why would he go in that direction (towards the beach)? Also, there is also a cemetery nearby. Could he have put Madeleine’s body in someone’s grave? Dumped it in the sea? Buried it under some building works? I would like to have know what hypothesis were explored for an individual carrying a child at that time of night. Was he taking her to a car? Aren’t there any cctv of their movements? If it was Gerry McCann, wouldn’t it be possible to trace his movements from his mobile record of linking to the cell towers? Probably the police thought of all of these but there isn’t much info on the book nor the documentary. It is just assumed she was buried somewhere. I hope one day justice is served and the McCanns get what they deserve.

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