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What time did the McCann children go to bed?

11 December 2008 10,816 views 3 Comments

Gerry McCann indicated in his blog on Tuesday 29 May, 2008 that the children were difficult to get to sleep as early as 7:30pm. He wrote;

It has been very difficult to leave Sean and Amelie but it is only for one nght and we will be back to see them before bedtime tomorrow. Trish and Sandy (Madeleine’s Godparents) who have been with us in Portugal since Day 2 are looking after them and we were surprised to hear they were tucked up in bed by 7.30pm– they must like their new beds!

  1. It seems reasonable to assume from this description that 7:30pm was not the normal bedtime for the children.
  2. It seems reasonable to assume that the children normally went to bed later than 7:30pm.

Sandra Felgueiras interviewed the McCanns around the one year anniversary of her disappearance. Listen to the audio with the player below. At around 3:00 minutes, Gerry McCann says;

…our children were asleep by 7:30 and that’s normal. We were dining…7:30 and that’s normal for us…and Madeleine was exhausted…Our children would go to bed seven…seven thirty.


Gerry emphasises that 7 or 7:30pm is the normal bedtime. Why then did Gerry comment in his blog that he was surprised to hear the twins went to bed by this time?

Liars need to be consistent with their stories. Clearly in this case, Mr McCann was not consistent.

3 Responses to “What time did the McCann children go to bed?”

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    LJC Says:

    I agree. Also, if the twins were in bed by 7/7.30, Madeleine would go to bed a little later surely? The advice given to all parents is not to allow an older child to feel left out. Madeleine was used to being an only child until the twins came along. I find it hard to believe she was not a little bit jealous of her new brother and sister and that she would want her own ‘one on one’ time with her parents. This is yet another misjudgement by the McCanns in raising their children. They are intelligent people but, by golly, they have lacked an awful lot of common sense when it comes to raising their kids. No wonder Madeline cried for 75 mins when she was left alone. I think she got out of bed because she was having a tantrum and then hurt herself badly and Mrs Fenn is a witness to the amount of crying she did to get her parents attention, in vain it seems.

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    mary-jane Says:

    I dont think that reading into his wording of his blog can provide any insight to Maddie’s disapearence. My freind has kids who’s bedtime is also 7.30 and although they are in their own beds at this time I’ve seen them stay awake into the wee hours without distractions such as toys or tv.

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    sarah jane Says:

    I think you can look at that another way – just that he was surprised that the kids went to bed well and by 7.30 when they were left with other carers. Children often behave differently for thier parents than when left in the care of others, so he may have expected his friends to have a little more trouble getting the kids to settle, or he may have expected them to stay up and play for a little longer than usual. I think taking his words as ‘proof’ that Gerry was lying would be very dangerous indeed. I am sure there are other aspects of the case that would provide more insight.

    Site Admin: The bedtimes are just a tiny aspect of the big picture and as you say it proves nothing. What it does show though is character. Why publicly state the bedtimes at all? Why state bedtimes that differ by more than an hour? People who tell the truth tell the same story over and over. People who lie need good memories to remember what story they told last time. In the case of the McCann children’s bedtimes we are told multiple stories – just as we have been told many different stories about other aspects of the case.

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