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McCanns Fraud Extended to Germany

18 December 2008 21,475 views 3 Comments

Today we received a message to the site from a German donor. This person made a small donation like many others. How many more donors are filled with disgust at the McCann’s failure to address simple questions about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann? What is it going to take before the McCanns and their fraudulent fund come clean and start addressing some very important questions posed by both the police and the general public? Who is protecting these child neglectors and why?

Here is the message to the site;

Hi from Germany!

I paid 5 GBP by PayPal. At this point of time I really thought, they were actually interested in searching for Madeleine and not just to collect money and hoard it for a good life to fourth. It is their moral obligation to all donors, to open the expenditure of funds.

This is the PayPal proof of payment. It is not much but it came from the heart and unfortunately landed directly in their wallets.

So, if you need my help to get them, tell me what I can do.


Web Accept-Zahlung (Transaktionscode 7RX02250M0954534H)
Ursprüngliche Transaktion
Datum Art Status Details Betrag
26. Mai 2007 Zahlung An Bring Madeleine Home Abgeschlossen

-£5,00 GBP

Dazugehörige Transaktionen
Datum Art Status Details Betrag
26. Mai 2007 Währungsumrechnung Abgeschlossen Details

-€7,58 EUR

26. Mai 2007 Währungsumrechnung Abgeschlossen Details

£5,00 GBP


Bring Madeleine Home    (Der Empfänger dieser Zahlung ist Nicht-US – verifiziert)






-£5,00 GBP


£0,00 GBP


-£5,00 GBP (entspricht -€7,58 EUR)

Umrechnung aus:

-€7,58 EUR

Umrechnung in:

£5,00 GBP


1 Euro = 0,659630 Britische Pfund


£5,00 GBP


£0,00 GBP


£0,00 GBP




Madeleine’s Fund : Leaving No Stone Unturned




26. Mai 2007


12:16:27 MESZ




Sabine xxxxx


URL Kundenservice: http://www.bringmadeleinehome.com
E-Mail-Adresse des Kundenservice: store@bringmadeleinehome.com
Telefonnummer des Kundenservice: +44 1854612821




€7,58 EUR – PayPal-Konto

3 Responses to “McCanns Fraud Extended to Germany”

  1. 1
    Steve Says:

    The McCanns have done nothing wrong. The fund is a non-profit limited company, and the accounts will be published according to the law.

    “Anyone who wishes further information with regards to the financial details of Madeleine’s Fund and its professional advisors, please refer to the accounts filed at Companies House. Crown Way Maindy Cardiff CF14 3UZ”

    They don’t have to legally break down the spending, only publish a balance sheet and (if they wish) a P&L statement – depending on the company turnover size.

    When you give money to a good cause, do you always ask them to explain line by line how they spent it? No charity spends all its funds on the good cause you are donating to. They have to also cover running costs.

    Site Admin: When they set up the fund it was masquerading as a charity. They even applied for charity status but it was refused. Their methodology of collecting money is/was like a charity i.e. collection tins/buckets etc. Their policy says they will adhere to the Guide to Good Governance – the charity bible for how to run a charity. You say they have done nothing wrong. Well they certainly don’t adhere to the Guide to Good Governance and that’s a fact. People were hoodwinked into thinking it was a charity when in fact it is a private company with no intention of telling its donors where they spend the money. This is certainly not how you do things according the Guide to Good Governance. The essence of that book is to be open and honest, not to hide things. They lied and said they wouldn’t use the fund on any legal costs. There was a six-figure sum of money in the accounts on lawyers. Sorry mate but you’re wrong on many counts. Even your last sentence implies that you think it’s a charity. Well it isn’t a charity. It’s a private company designed to draw money in for no good reason whatsoever. It is obtaining money under false pretences. It isn’t about what’s legal etc. It’s about what is morally and ethically right.

  2. 2
    les Says:

    I wonder why they blame others, when they left a little girl all alone.
    Why have they not being prosecuted for child neglect ?
    Maybe because they have money ?

    Reply: They didn’t leave the children alone. That was their cover story that everyone debates. The cover story was a smokescreen for what really happened.

  3. 3
    Mo Says:

    I am sure that if the parents ever go to court accused of negligence and hiding or destroying evidence, the jury is not going to have a problem finding them guilty.
    I admit that in the ten years that have passed i was never interested in checking the evidence available to the public, only recently when the subject appeared again in the news and i read the public comments, which show that the great majority is convinced the parents are guilty, was i curious enough to do some research. I was very surprised I couldn’t find Amaral’s book anywhere in the major UK book sellers, Amazon, ebay, etc. I do a great deal of reading, and until now i had no problem acquiring any book, even controversial ones for research, boy, was I surprised that in a country so evolved like the UK in human rights i could for instance buy ” mine kampf” but couldn’t get hold of Amaral’s book! Nothing like reverse psychology, the more you try to hide something the more it keeps popping out!
    We are all sure that every single comment posted here or other media about the matter is being checked by the authorities.
    Based on the information provided they could have gotten away with it if they weren’t so adamant in insisting the bedroom windows were locked and that they followed the longest route to protect themselves of being accused of negligence. It was bad enough being accused of leaving the children by themselves but also being accused of leaving the properties unsecured was another level they couldn’t risk.
    Being accused of something that they,as healthcare professionals are in the front line to report, negligence towards minors, would be the end of their careers.
    They must remember, and for what i saw they are believers in the power of God, if, and only if,such injustice is happening they cannot have God’s favour before coming clean, of their sins. Any human is in better condition and in the favour of God, if he repents and suffers the consequences of their actions than if they keep lying for the rest of their lives.
    On the account of king David mentioned in the book, he committed a terrible sin, he was responsible for the death of Uriah,Bathsheba’s husband, even if he repented and confessed to Nathan the profet, God forgave him, of course he suffered the consequences, his first child, the fruit of his adulterous relationship with Bathsheba, died.
    Even despite the punishment, David’s repentance allowed him favour with God, when he died he was buried with the Good kings, the faithful ones.

    Whatever it means for the parents of that beautiful girl, i do hope they get closure, and they’re anguish and suffering is relieved by whatever the truth is.

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