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17 December 2008 24,014 views 4 Comments

Originally posted on the McCann Supporter website, http://www.wheres-madeleine.info/

The person responsible for “wheres-madeleine.info” is clearly miffed at the lack of replies to his messages to the official Madeleine Fund. No wonder – the fund is a scam, fraud and the administrators have no intention of responding to legitimate requests for information. Even the “McCann Supporters” are being duped. Here follows the article:


Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this article.

This web site is paid for, designed and updated by me to aid awareness of little Maddie, I do this because I want to help in her search.

All this takes up a lot of time and of course I need to be factual in what I put on my site.

This of course can only be done by checking the information I have obtained, this then means I need verification about the information I intend to place on my site from the McCann’s themselves.

Well since my site went live on the internet it has been a constant battle to get the McCann’s web site to answer any of my mails. I have even sent a letter to there home address (No reply to this either). This lack of cooperation with me is not unique to my site; other sites that I am constantly in contact with say they do not have replies either.

Time and time again I have to send mails that go un-answered. Occasionally they do reply with the briefest as possible reply they can get away with, though this does not happen very often at all.

As my site supports them I would have thought that they would be eager to give me information that is not going to hinder there investigations ect, clearly I accept that there will be information that they could not give me but the information that I ask for is things like Photos of Maddie, or if they have any new information that might help.

Well here we go again, I found such an article on the internet and mailed them for conformation and yet again I have been greeted by utter silence, below are the dates I sent the mails of this most recent request…sent to there investigation@findmadeleine.com address…

14 December 2008, 05 December 2008, 02 December 2008

I even told them that I was thinking of closing my site down because of it, which made no difference, still nothing.

I wonder if their financial backer knows how they treat their supporters! if he does not perhaps if he was to find out he might not be so eager to help.

If it was my child and people were trying to help, I would go out of my way to help provide them with as much information as I could, but this does not seem to be the way they are looking at it.

A friend of mine keeps saying to me “I do not know why you even bother, they are not interested, he then states a few reasons why he says this, but I will not state what they are here”.

So I ask you for your views, do you think I should close the site down or not, or do I carry on regardless and possibly put inaccurate information on my site as a result of it.

Please take the time to visit my guestbook and let me know your views.


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    Cofton Says:

    Why bother ? The McCanns have not helped themselves, unless it is to do with making money from their own website or receiving exposure from the media (favourable exposure of course) then they do not bother with anyone. I feel for anyone who has lost a child but there are just too many ‘loose ends’ in the this case. As the lady in the video says, if it had been a couple out of work or someone with a criminal past then the twins would have been taken off them and the parents would have been prosecuted. The law is a farce and always will be.
    Tell me anyone, and I mean anyone who would leave a 30 month old child and twins less than 12 months old in an apartment alone together ? I know of no one who would have done that for 5 minutes never mind an evening, I don’t care how many times you check on them.
    Poor Maddy, having such irresponsible and negligent parents, my heart goes out to her wherever she is and I hope she is safe and with people that care about her and are looking after her which is more than we can say about her parents.

  2. 2
    flippingflops Says:

    i cannot believe there is anyone left who believe in them and” their truth” if people would just take the time to read the police files online and check the cadaver scent video on youtube i am sure you would be knocking on the door of Rothley towers demanding your donations back

  3. 3
    S Holland Says:

    Most people would not leave a Laptop in an unlocked apartment, without worrying & sweating over it getting stolen. Something is not right and hasn’t been from the start. I really wish I could believe the parents and that would then stop the gnawing doubt about them. But I can’t. For me, the dog evidence has not been explained away as “of no use” therefore I have to go with the fact that somebody died in that apartment and whoever did die touched “Cuddle Cat” It really is that simple for me. I trust the dogs as they have proven themselves in past cases, often with a longer delay, before they were used. Also, there were phone calls between GM and one of the Tapas crew which they lied about (where they were at the time) one of them was close to a shed where a suspect towel was found. This element of the story seems to have faded, but I believe it is important for quite a few reasons.

  4. 4
    James Says:

    Looks like the website has been taken down. She must have been found!….Or the money has stopped ‘rolling in’

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