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Disgruntled Donor Was Duped

15 December 2008 10,848 views No Comment

Today we received a message to the website from “Helen W”

Her email details are being withheld for privacy.

Here is her message;

Hi, I paid by PayPal on 21st May 2007. On news reports the Fund had been described as a charity. Also in the event of Madeleine being found alive or otherwise, the money would help other missing children.

I would not have donated if I had had any thoughts that Fund money would be used towards mortgage payments or private investigaters, in view of the fact the McC’s have not fully co-operated with the PJ/police.

£10.00 was not a lot but I had intended to give monthly that ammount. Luckily I became aware of Sky and Mirror forums where I learnt there was more to the Case than first thought….

I will do whatever I can to help towards justice for Madeleine or to show up thie Charade for what it is

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